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SPI SheetMetal Inventor 2019 For Solidworks Free Download [2022-Latest]




PCD's most important attribute is the ability to fabricate complex and engineered parts using computer aided manufacturing tools. It is the definitive, authoritative source of information on PCD, the fabrication technology that has opened up a wide range of new opportunities for manufacturing and led to the emergence of a new industry. The PCD industry is at a key inflection point and is poised for tremendous growth, driven by a combination of factors, including increased demands from the automotive, aerospace, defense, industrial, and energy sectors. Today's automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing markets for PCD. PCD has the potential to enable production of a wide range of products that are not currently possible, including lighter and more efficient vehicles, and improved comfort, safety and performance. The automotive industry is also a major global market for the adoption of PCD technology, with China accounting for 45% of the global automotive PCD market and Japan, Germany and the US accounting for 35% of the global automotive PCD market. PCD technology has the potential to substantially reduce production costs, and create employment opportunities in the US and China. The primary driver of the PCD market is the significant increase in aircraft and automotive manufacturing activity. These two industries are the primary users of PCD technology. PCD has the potential to substantially reduce manufacturing costs, particularly for the manufacture of complex, engineered parts. A recent economic study by the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis found that approximately 10% of US manufacturing firms produce more than 90% of their products using 3D printing. Industrial firms are developing expertise in fabricating parts using PCD technology. The industrial market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.6% during the period 2013-2017. PCD technology is an ideal fit for the energy sector. According to the US Energy Information Administration, oil production from tight shale oil and deep offshore shale oil extraction in the US increased by 7% in the first quarter of 2012, primarily as a result of PCD. The process is particularly well suited for fabricating parts for the energy sector. The process is especially attractive for fabricating complex parts for the aerospace and automotive industries. Recent advances in PCD technology have led to the development of new application areas such as bioplastics and thin sheet metal processing, further expanding the industrial market. As a result of recent advances, PCD technology is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for manufacturers



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SPI SheetMetal Inventor 2019 For Solidworks Free Download [2022-Latest]

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